Innovative Cooling Packs

Long-Lasting Cooling Power (3-4 hours)
Powerful cooling packs
Adjustable to fit perfectly

Eco-Friendly (reusable)
Comfortable (not heavy)
Easy to Maintain 

The secret behind Innovative Cooling Pack's long-lasting cooling power
A unique blend of natural additives allow our ice packs to deliver an outstanding level of performance in comparison to regular ice packs. 

Innovative Cooling Packs consist of a unique blend:
Water + Multiple additives + Water absorptive polymer

Resulting in a stable optimum temperature for long periods

Regular ice packs: Water + Water absorptive polymer
 Cold retention effect is the same as water or ice

Duration of cooling periods of Innovative Cooling Packs
Our cooling packs stay at consistently cool temperature for 3 to 4 hours in over 35°C(95°F) heat.
 (The duration of cooling varies with usage environment)


Comparison Test between ICP and PCM


The ICP (Innovation Cooling Pack) method and the PCM(Phase Change Material) method have been used for human cooling vests in the recent years in the United States and Japan.
We wlii conduct a comparison test between teh PCM method and ICP method and to confirm the cooling performance. 


 This video will show why our cooling packs are superior than a regular ice pack 


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