Why "Horay" World ?

We came up with the idea of using "Horay" as an English expression, inspired by the Japanese word "ho-rei" (保冷). The playful sound similar to "Hooray" is not only fun to say, but it also reflects our pride in being a cooling pack specialist.  

Polar bears in the Arctic bring "coolness" to summers that are too hot.

And Manufactured in Japan to prioritize quality.

--- company history ---

Jul. 2011, Experimental e-commerce website business (Ryozai-ya)
started in Japan by founder AKIYAMA.
Jan. 2019, Start of business expansion into the USA.

--- Development story of the
”Innovative Cooling Pack” Products ---

11th March 2011.
In Japan, the Tohoku region was hit by a major earthquake and tsunami,
which caused extensive damage, especially in coastal areas.
As a result, power stations were shut down and the supply of electricity was restricted for several months.
Display adverts in department stores were switched off and lighting in shops and facilities was reduced.
Even if not in the affected areas, TEPCO areas had to 'save power'.
However, household fridge-freezers are still working as usual.
A few months have passed and summer is approaching.
If this cool air could be used instead of air-conditioning....
This was why the "Innovative Cooling Pack" was developed.
It is harmless because it contains food additives and has features that ensure a comfortable, long-lasting cooling power.
Is there any way to transfer the coolness of refrigerants to the human body?....
The "Cooling Vest Max Pro" and "Cooling Comfort Vest" was conceived to prevent heat stroke.
It solves the 'too hot' problem on construction sites where people work for long hours in the hot sun.
By the way, the families of our employees had dogs.
For the fur on their backs, which they can't take off, this could help ...
This leads to the birth of the 'Cooling Comfort Vest for Dogs'!