Q: Why should I choose Horay World over other products on the market?

A: You have probably seen other type of cooling vests and cooling jackets. Here are the list of things you should know about these products.


 Horay World ICP Method

  1. Freezing Temperature is 25-50F = You will feel the power
  2. Control the cooling power = use less ICP if you need less power
  3. Choices = Powerful V3, Gently Cooling and Condensation Free
  4. Effective Duration = 3-4 hours!
  5. Not Heavy = One V4 weighs 0.7lb only


Evaporative Method

  1. Not frozen = cooling power does not last at all
  2. Wet = uncomfortable, could irritate skin 


PCM Method

  1. Freezing Temperature is 55-65F = not that cold
  2. Effective Duration  = 1.5-2.5 hours
  3. Heavy = 3.5-7lb


Cooling Fan Jacket Method

  • When surrounding temperature is above 95F, the circulating air will be as hot as your body. It will promote dehydration unfortunately. 


    Q: How long does "Innovative Cooling Pack (ICP)" stay cold?

    A: Depends on the size, but our strongest V4 Cooling Pack will keep cool up to 3-4 hours. Each vest comes with a set of ICPs. If you need to wear for a day, please consider to purchase extra ICPs, so you can swap when necessary.


    Q: What if I have a uniform to wear?

    A: No problem. The vest was initially developed with an intension of wearing under a uniform. Therefore it is light and thin compared to other products on the market. It is also OK to wear above uniform as well.


    Q: How should I freeze ICPs?

    A: Commercial freezer located near or at worksites is ideal for businesses. For home, regular freezer will do a job, but it will require freezing at least 12 hours to overnight. You can carry a cooler to keep extra ICPs on hand, too.