Q: What is the difference from “evaporative” cooling vests?

A: Evaporative cooling vests are best sellers. This method involves wetting the water and putting it on the dog, which cools as the water dries. And it will cool down 2-3 F from ambient temperature.

When wearing an Evaporative Cooling Vest, it dries quickly in high temperature direct sunlight or dry conditions, so you have to apply water frequently to get the effect.

However, evaporating methods duration is only 15-20 minutes according to “Pappy-Wire March 2019”  

Horay Cooling Vest for Dog used Innovative cooling pack, its duration will be 60 minutes (size S) to 240 minutes(size-XL).  And it is good enough duration for dog-walking.


 Horay World Innovative Cooling Pack Method

  1. Freezing Temperature is 25-50F = You will feel the power
  2. Control the cooling power = use less ICP if you need less power
  3. Choices = Powerful V3, Gently Cooling and Condensation Free
  4. Effective Duration = 3-4 hours!
  5. Not Heavy = One V4 weighs 0.7lb only

Evaporative Method

  1. Not frozen = cooling power does not last at all
  2. Wet = uncomfortable, could irritate skin 


Q: Do dogs prefer wet or dry?

A: In general, most dogs do not like to get wet.

Do dogs like to have water poured over their clothes?
How would you feel if it were you? Would you like to wear wet clothes?
If dogs always liked to get wet, they wouldn't be shaking themselves like this.
If you soak the vest in water and then use the evaporative method, the moisture from the vest will wet the dog's body and the dog will feel uncomfortable in a wet vest.
The Holley Cooling Vest is designed to cool using an innovative cooling pack, which does not transmit moisture to the dog's body.



Q: Can I wash it?

A: Yes, you can.
The vest itself should be hand washed and hung to dry.
Please close the velcro tape when washing.
For the Innovative cooling Pack, please rinse the surface with water and wipe off the moisture.


Q: How do I store off-season?

A: The vest should be washed and dried well.
For the Innovative cooling Pack, rinse the surface with water and wipe dry.
Store out of direct sunlight or leave in the freezer.


Q: What if my dog accidentally chews on the Innovative cooling Pack?
A: The ingredients in the Innovative cooling Pack are non-toxic, but consult a medical professional just in case.