Image showing front and back of man whilst wearing a cooling vest
Image showing front of man wearing a cooling vest
Image showing back of man wearing a cooling vest

Cooling Comfort Vest - keeping body temperature comfortably cool in summer, adjustable mesh, easy to clean, ecofriendly

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With the summer heat blazing, it is important to stay comfortable. Horay World has designed a cooling vest that can be used in 88-95 degree weather without feeling bulky or damp for both men and women.

The vests feature insertable cooling packs with our innovative technology that keeps you cool up to 3-4 hours under these conditions so you feel refreshed no matter where life takes you! Whether on your break from work while running errands, playing sports during an intense heatwave, or even spending your day at the office, don't forget about staying protected from sweat all day long by keeping one of these awesome vests close at hand!

If you’d like to stay cool longer, grab some additional cooling packs to swap over when needed.

Caring the vest is easy. Wash and hang dry.

To store ICPs, thaw completely and wipe off all water condensation. Once fully dried, place them in a bag and store in a place where there is no direct sunlight. 


How to Use

  1. Freeze V3 innovative cooling packs (ICPs) until they turn to solid hard (blue gel will change to lighter color). Make sure gel side is touching the freezing air when placed inside a freezer.
  2. Insert V3 ICPs into vest pockets. Blue gel sides should face toward your body.
  3. Please wear at least a t-shirt or other type of clothing before wearing the vest in order to avoid frost burns. Frozen ICPs should not touch your skin directly.
  4. Adjust the tightness by Velcro on each side. If you feel too cold, then reduce the number of ICPs inserted. 


Corresponding Sizes

Please measure around upper stomach.

  • Regular Size (S-L): 34.6 inches (88cm) - 42.5 inches (108cm)



Vest Material: 100% Nylon Mesh

Weight: Each ICP 10.9oz (310g) / Vest 3oz only!