Do cooling vests for dogs work?

Do Cooling Vests for Dogs Work?

Dogs can get overheated just like their human owners, so you might consider investing in a cooling vest for your dog to help cool them off.

These vests are made of pads and water-absorbing polymers, and they have the same effect on dogs as they do for humans, which is to carry heat away from the body.

Only about 70% of heat is lost through the skin, with the remaining 30% lost from breathing and exhaling hot air. With cooling vests, it is essential to thoroughly wet the vest before putting it on your dog.

How do cooling vests for dogs work?

When the vest is wet, it draws heat away from the dog's skin, and air which the dog's body has warmed cools rapidly. The cooling effect is intensified because the water in the vest evaporates and cools as it rises into the air.

The evaporation of the water then lowers the temperature of the air in the vest. The result is a cooling effect.

It is vital to use the vest properly to get maximum results. The cooling effect is not as practical if only a portion of the vest is wet.

Also, the cooling effect is not as significant for a full-length coat, so dogs that are inclined to sweat are likely to do so more quickly under these vests.

Do Cooling Vests for Dogs Work?

The effect of cooling vests is influenced by your dog's size and health, as well as the weather.

But before using one, consider these factors:

What size is your dog?

How hot is the weather?

How much water does the vest hold?

The downside of cooling vests is that they add weight to your dog.

And, as your dog is probably not a fan of being soaked, you must weigh the benefits of the vest against how comfortable your dog is with it.

Also, while cooling vests can provide relief from the heat for your dog, they cannot replace keeping your dog properly dehydrated. When your dog is dehydrated, they are more prone to overheating. Therefore, it is always best to ensure that your dog has access to fresh water and plenty of shade.

Cooling vests are not a panacea for dogs that are at risk of heatstroke. The best way to keep your pet safe is to provide shade and plenty of freshwater.

If you do choose to invest in a cooling vest for your dog, be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions and never leave the vest too long unattended.

Also, never use a cooling vest on an unsupervised dog. Always check the vest before and after using to ensure that your dog isn't overheating or suffering from chafing.

It is also a good idea to check the vest's warranty to ensure that your investment is covered against defects.

If your dog's temperature gets dangerously high, a cooling vest can help you provide relief until the vet can be called for medical assistance.

If you feel your dog is overheating, remove the vest immediately and call your vet. A cooling vest is a good choice for occasional use, but you must be aware that your dog is overheating could be a medical reason.

Here are some reasons why you should use a cooling vest for dogs:

  1. Most dogs tend to be hot-natured, even though they may not be showing it.

If the weather heats up, look for signs of heat stress such as panting, increased heart rate, and a drooling tongue. Your dog's cool-down period is rarely just a matter of the minutes needed to shed the vest and shake out the water.

  1. Dogs can be uncomfortable in a hot car.

If your dog is experiencing heat stress, the cooler interior of a vehicle will not help them cool down. Dogs can suffer from heat stress in a car even when the windows are open.

The temperature inside a parked car can be as much as 20 degrees higher than the outside temperature. A cooling vest allows your pet to remain in the car with the windows (open or closed, depending on the weather) until you can get them out.

  1. Dogs can get heat stroke or heat exhaustion which is life-threatening and requires immediate veterinary care.

Using a cooling vest can give you extra time to get your dog treatment.

  1. Cooling vests can help dogs deal with hot weather.

Dogs do not sweat (perspire) as humans do, but they can still become overheated during hot days. A cooling vest can help your dog with exercise when the weather is warmer.

  1. Cooling vests are an excellent option for dogs that overheat frequently, have thick coats, or are prone to over-sweating.

They are especially helpful when the weather is warmer and they don't have access to freshwater. The vest can also help older dogs that may not tolerate the heat well.

How to choose the right cooling vest for your dog

  1. Consider your dog's size, breed, and coat type.

Some vests are better for small breeds, while others work best for larger dogs. Some dog owners report that cooling vests are not as effective for dogs with thick coats.

  1. Size and weight of the vest matters.

You want to make sure the vest is the right size and weight for your dog. Some vests have thick pads that are too hot, while others don't have enough padding. If the vest is too heavy or your dog won't wear it, it won't be as effective.

  1. Look into the vest's construction.

Does it have a good water distribution system? Does it hold enough water to keep your dog cooled down for a couple of hours? Is it easy to put the vest on and take it off?

  1. Does your dog get overheated easily?

Is the vest's construction heavy enough to wear comfortably for several hours during summer days? What happens if you leave the vest on your dog longer than recommended? Does it feel too hot for your dog?

  1. Is the vest machine washable, or does it require hand washing?

You'll want to make sure the vest can be washed and dried if necessary. If you have a dog with longer hair, you will want to check for any tangles.

  1. Does it have a warranty? What are the return policy and the warranty's length?

If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you will want to ensure that you can get a refund or exchange for the same product.

  1. Find a vest that works for you and your dog.

The best cooling vest for dogs will depend on your pet's size, breed, coat type, and sensitivity to heat. Make sure you learn how to fit the vest on your dog before taking it outside.

Some vests make dogs pant excessively, while others do not work as advertised. Make sure the vest does what it is supposed to do before taking your dog outside with it.

When should you not put a cooling vest on your dog?

  1. If your dog has a health condition

Though we wouldn't recommend putting a cooling vest on your dog if they have a heart condition, your pet may experience sudden heart failure if overheated. If your dog is unhealthy, you might want to run it by your vet before putting a cooling vest on them.

  1. If your dog is not used to wearing a vest

Some dogs aren't fans of vests and collars. If you put a cooling vest on your dog, be sure to take it off if there are any signs that they are uncomfortable. Otherwise, the vest could cause irritation or injury.

  1. If your dog is not completely dry

Though dogs should not be totally wet while wearing a cooling vest, they can become damp since they can't regulate their body temperature. If your dog has just come inside from the hot sun or if he is wet from swimming, you should not put the cooling vest on them.

  1. If your dog is not feeling well

If your dog is not feeling well, you should not put a cooling vest on them because of the potential for overheating and dehydration. However, if your pet has diarrhea or vomiting or is in pain, you should call the vet immediately.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when buying a cooling vest

The best cooling vest for dogs will differ from pet to pet. The type of dog you own, how much they weigh, and coat type will be significant factors in finding a vest that will work well for your dog.

You should also consider how the vest works, your dog's reaction to the vest, and how easy it is to clean. An excellent cooling vest will keep your dog cool, comfortable, and happy during hot weather.

A cooling vest is an excellent investment for your dog. It can save your dog's life from heatstroke, help you in the summer and make your doggie more comfortable.

If you are a dog owner with a dog that seems to be overheating in the summer, consider a cooling vest as part of your dog's wardrobe. It could help your pet stay cool and comfortable during the summer and in hot weather.

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