What is your passion? Where it leads you?

Passion let us here
(Photo taken by Ian Schneider from Unsplash)
What is your passion? There is no such a thing like a big or a small passion. If you really want to do it, even if there are obstacles preventing you from pursuing further, that is your passion. Passion gives you a meaning, enjoyment, knowledge, connection, love, ideas, (we can keep going) in your life.
You don't know yet, or you seem to have lost it in the past? Then education is a key to find one.
November 8th is known as STEM/STEAM Day. Just in case you aren't familiar with the terms, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathmatics.
My background is Engineering. My passion to create useful products to many people using my knowledge of STEM led to the creation of my own company called Horay World. In Japanese, Horei (sounds exactly like Ho-Ray) means keeping something cool.
We came up with the idea of a cooling pack that is different from any other ice packs available in the market. We thought about the best cooling temeperature for a human body (then later a canine body as well), then by combining water and chemical ingredients (safe, off course), and after many calculations of trials and errors, new ICPs (Innovative Cooling Packs) were invented.
We are proud of what has been created, but this is not our goal. We continue to improve our products by hearing your suggestions and concerns. This is possible because all of our products are original.
Passion led us here. AND this passion will lead us to better future, and better life for you!