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Make A Gift Day - Time to Show Love, Friendship, Compassion, Appreciation and Care

(Photo taken by Myrlene Numa from Unsplash)
When was the last time you gave a gift to someone? A gift that you actually made.
A gift has been used to facilitate relationship between people.  You want to show your feeling of love, friendship, compassion, appreciation and care to someone in your thought. Basically you give a gift to make others happy.
Does a gift need to be expensive? Definitely not. It can be, off course, but the cost of a gift does not always equal to the size of feeling. When you put your heart in it, the gift will become priceless. When you actually make it, the power is doubled if not more.
December 3 is Make A Gift Day. Never heard of? It's OK. You just need a reason to do somthing for others, and this is a good reason.
You may say you don't have a skill or knowledge to make a gift. That's totally OK, too. You are not trying to win a world competition of some sort. You can find ideas in YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Still not convinced? Then why don't you write a letter to tell someone how much you care. Or invite them to go to a crafting or a cooking class with you to share the special time together. Exchanging what you made is an added bonus.
As long as the gift is not egotistical, receiving a gift from you would make the other person's day and life special, guaranteed. 
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