Leading the Pack: HORAY WORLD Dog Cooling Vest earns the honor of being the best for walks by People.com!

Leading the Pack: HORAY WORLD Dog Cooling Vest earns the honor of being the best for walks by People.com!

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Extreme heat can be tough for dogs, especially when it comes to staying cool. Dogs can't sweat like humans, so they need help from dog owners like you to provide extra measure. That's where a dog cooling vest comes in. Dog cooling vests are especially helpful for dogs who are active in hot weather, such as working dogs, sporting dogs, and dogs who love to hike or play fetch. They can also be helpful for dogs who are prone to heatstroke, such as older dogs, overweight dogs, and dogs with certain medical conditions.

Here’s a peek into why our vest is making waves in the canine community!

  1. Revolutionary Cooling Packs:

What truly sets our vest apart are the dual long-lasting cooling packs, an innovation we proudly introduced. But these aren’t just your typical ice packs. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure they offer extended relief. Lab tests confirm these cooling sensations last anywhere from 90 minutes (Size S) to a whopping 4 hours (Size XL), depending on the vest size!

  1. Safety & Innovation Hand in Hand:

While most cooling vests use water for evaporation, ours stands out with a unique mixture of chemicals in the actual cooling packs – all of which are food additives rigorously tested for dog safety. So, not only does our vest provide a cooling effect like no other, it also guarantees your pet’s well-being.

  1. User-Friendly & Eco-Conscious:

Prepping the vest is a breeze! Just freeze the packs flat and slip them into our soft, breathable vest pockets. And when it gets a little dirty? Toss it in the machine for a wash. With reusable packs and a washable vest, we’re not just looking out for your dog but also our planet.

  1. Designed for Every Dog:

Whether your pup is tiny or tremendous, our vests come in 4 sizes to ensure a snug fit. Secured by neck and torso belts, it’s designed to sit just above the waistline, preventing any slip-offs. This means your dog remains fully mobile, whether they’re playing fetch or running around with you. Plus, the vest’s versatility allows it to be worn under harnesses or over other doggy attire.

  1. A Testament to Our Commitment:

Being recognized by People.com isn’t just a feather in our cap: it’s a testament to our dedication. We’ve always prioritized the comfort and safety of our furry companions, and this accolade reinforces our commitment. Our dog-loving team is constantly innovating to make your dog’s life even better.

As a conclusion, we’re grateful for the recognition of our product but even more proud of the fact that it helps dogs stay safe and cool in sizzling hot weather. After all, every dog deserves to frolic freely no matter the temperature. So, gear up with HORAY WORLD Cooling Vest and let your dog savor every sun-soaked moment!

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