International Guide Dog Day 2022

International Guide Dog Day
(Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash)
What day is today? Today is the International Guide Dog Day.
We would like to thank the dedication, knowledge and professionalism of all trainers, volunteers, organizations for raising guide dogs. Without a doubt every one of you are a life-changer.
According to Country Life, only "around 30 a year of the 1,500 or so dogs which pass" the first test, and off course there are more tests they need to go through. We didn't know, but it takes 12-24 months to train a dog to be one of the few.
As a seller of Horay Cooling Comfort Vest for Dogs, we love dogs. A lot of our team members do have one to call a friend, a partner, and a family. Our Texas office staff has started to see some dogs panting hard when temperature nears to 90F these days. Please keep them cool. You may not feel that hot yet, but they do.
If you are not sure which size works for your dog, please let us know via email, We can assist you where exactly needs to be measured, so you can get the right size. When is the time to consider a cooling vest for your 4-legged friend? Right now!