Ice Packs Comparison Thermography

ICP vs PCM: Can you see the difference?

Room temperature was 26.7 C (80 F) for 75 minutes.
30.0 C = 86 F
-5.0 C = 23 F
PCM stands for Phase Change Material.
ICP stands for Innovative Cooling Packs developed by Horay World.
ICP/GC: ICP Gentle Cooling
ICP/ST: ICP Standard
Here is the perfect example of "seeing is believing". 
We have created a controlled environment where the room temperature was kept at 80 F for 75 minutes. We placed our ICPs and our competitor's PCM packs side by side to see how the temperature of each item would change.
Blue color indicates colder status than yellow and red. The result was obvious. PCM packs are all turned into yellow and red. This simply means after a little over 1 hour, PCM packs aren't as cool as you want them to be.
When you are busy working in the hot weather or environment, you don't want to be bothered by changing cooling packs or other cooling gears every hour. You won't be able to concentrate on what's important.
That is why we've created ICPs. ICP Standard lasts about 3-4 hours and since it's comfortable yet very strong, it's recommended to be used in 90 F or above. ICP Gentle Cooling caters to anyone who is rather sensitive to cold surface and also who works in 90F or below. We also offer ICP Condensation Free option.
If you are not sure which ICP works best for you, please talk to us. By analyzing your needs and environment, one of our ICP experts can suggest the best solutions for you!
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