Heat Illness Infographic

Are you ready for the heat?

Heat Illness Infographic
(Reference: Inova Children's Hospital)


We would like to share this wonderful infographic made by Inova Children's Hospital. You can visit the website to learn further and also print out the PDF version of this easy-to-understand information. This information contains not only the different symptoms on each stage but also how to treat them.

The purpose of our Horay World products is to keep your body temperature from going up in the first place before and during activities you want or need to do in a hot weather or condition. Our ICPs (Innovative Cooling Packs) are positioned in the products specifically to cool your body quickly and continuously.
Imagine you are going into a field full of snow and ice. You will dress up in thick warm clothes before you step outside. Same thing in a hot weather. Wearing a Horay Cooling Vest Max Pro or Comfort Back Support will help and save you.
Knowledge is the key. Preparation is the most important part of any activities to enjoy or be efficient. Are you ready?
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