Hi-Vis Vest/Uniform + Horay Cooling Vest = Perfect

Hi-Vis Vest/Uniform + Horay Cooling Vest = Perfect Answer for Preventing Heat Illness

Some of you are required to wear a hi-vis vest/uniform at work and might be wondering how our Horay Cooling Vest can be used with your requirements.
Horay Cooling Vest Max Pro is made to fit your body tightly by using Velcro tapes on both sides of your body. Therefore, wearing your hi-vis vest and uniforms on top of the Horay Cooling Vest is very simple. To be honest, we actually recommend you wearing something above the vest to keep the surface of ICPs (Innovative Cooling Packs) out of direct sunlight.
Would you like to try one? We can rent it to you for 2 weeks (1 per company) for free (we just ask for you to pay for the return shipping fee and answer a few questions about your experience). Please inquire through Contact Us section.
Construction workers, farmers, transportation workers, warehouse employees, food manufacturing companies, steel industries, automobile plants, etc. are some of the clients who have decided to use our vests. We look forward to serving your needs soon!
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