Do you know ORIGAMI?

(Photo taken by J. Balla Photography from Unsplash)
Have you heard a kind of paper art called ORIGAMI?
Origami basically means Folding (Oru) Paper (Kami), but it is very versatile.
The history of Origami goes back to 1600s when Samurai was still around in Japan. You can still see many forms of Origami now, and children learn it from parents, kindergarten teachers and books when they are still pretty young. You use Origami to make toys, bookmarks, trash cans, objects to display, and many more. Papers can also be glued, cut and/or combined to make more complicated shapes.
For example, you have seen the infinity cube which became a huge trend amongst kids. Did you know you can make it with Origami? You will need a lot of papers to make it, but yes, you can. With the growing number of people posting their creations to YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., you will have access to gazillions of ideas from all over the world.
November 11 is known as International Origami Day. If you have never tried one before, why not grabbing a paper and see what you can make. It can be a magical experience for you.
(As an added benefit, you will be good at shapes and dimensions on Math. You can make a square from a rectangular, a triangle from a square, and so on.)
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