Cold Front Winter Squarrel in Snow Storm

Cold Front Came to Town

Cold Front Winter Squarrel in Snow Storm
(Photo by Philippe Collard on Unsplash)
I came to Houston more than couple decades ago, thinking I would have a nice cool but not too cold winter. That was why I didn't pack a single sweater in my suitcase. WRONG!
Since then I experienced some mild winter and some really cold fronts creating scary roadways, bursting water pipes, building a beautiful ice sculputre made naturally on a fauntain at the Vintage Park and on. Off course my closet is now full of not only heavy sweaters but also thick jackets, and I also learned how to use a furnace thanks to my friends.
Cold Front came to town again this year at the moment of celebrating holiday season by many people. Its impact throughout the US was enormous. We hope everyone who was affected by this storm for a swift recovery. 
For me I thought I was ready but not enough. I cought a flu and got 105F on the Christmas day. Fortunately Santa Claus made it to our house in the Cold Front, but I could't get out from my bed to enjoy the opening-present moment with my family. Thanks to the "Talk to Text" function of my PC, I can write (or should I say speak) a blog article from a comfort of my room.
Wishing every one of you who kindly stopped to read this blog Happy Holidays!
(Keep warm and don't catch cold like me😷.)
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