Cat (American Short Hair)

Cat Vests

Cat (American Short Hair) looing out from behind a wall
(Photo by Bogdan Farca on Unsplash)
Meow! Have you heard the latest news from Horay World?
They finally created a cooling vest for us, the cat!
.......... April Fools' Day
OK. That was not true. Cats like warm weather. Most of them can also roam around freely inside a house, finding a comfortable place to nap.
Then how about dogs? They can endure cold weather better than cats, but not hot weather.
What are the noticeable signs of dogs have been overheated? Let's go over once again.
  • Panting (breathing like he/she is out of breath) without doing any intense run or exercise or even rapid/deep breathing
  • Drooling with thicker and stickier saliva
  • Vasodilation causing fast heartbeat
  • Having trouble walking or even not being able to get up/stand up
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Collapsing - this is an emergency situation

(This information was taken and summarized from

Some parts of U.S. like here in Texas, we started to hit high like 80s these days. Check out our Cooling Comfort Vest for Dogs for more information on how you can protect your four-legged friend.

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