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Cooling Comfort All Night Pillow - for better sleep in hot summer night, copper fiber pillowcase, triple-layered structure

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No more enduring sleepless hot nights or tough fever. Conventional ice/water pillows only keep you cool for the first few hours. We have improved such problems and achieved 12 to 14 hours of cooling power under the room temperature set for 77F (25C).


Triple-layered structure: The first non-freezing gel layer fits the shape of your head comfortably, and the second gel layer harden and cools the head for a long time. The third layer of heat insulating sheet prevents cold air from escaping outside.


The pillowcase is made of copper fibers suppressing bacteria and odors that regular pillows get. In addition, a heat insulating material is used inside the pillowcase to keep the temperature at an appropriate cooling level without letting the coldness escape.


The pillow does not contain harmful ethylene glycol or antifungal substance.


If you would like to know more about technology behind development of wonderful cooling packs, click here.


How to Use

  1. Freeze the pillow without the case FLAT in a freezer for 24 hours
  2. Insert the pillow into the case and close the Velcro firmly 



  • Length x Width x Thickness = 7.87 in. (20cm) x 11.81 in. (30cm) x 1.57 in. (4cm)
  • Weight = 2.76 lb.