Women wearing a neck wrap
Women wearing a neck wrap
Cooling neck wrap showing outside and inside where pouches are inserted.
Inside part of cooling neck wrap

Cold Therapy Neck Wrap

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Cooling Pain Relief and Support

The Horay Cold Therapy Neck Wrap, in addition to relieving tension and pain, will also keep you cool, especially during the summertime heat.

This neck wrap fits firmly to brace and support the jaw and neck while limiting mobility to help relieve pain and pressure in the neck muscles and spine, helping reduce the pressure on the nerves, neck posture, whilst relieving neck fatigue by holding up and supporting the weight of the head. This drastically reduces the stress on the neck and shoulder muscles, allowing them to recuperate.

Ideal for use in cooling therapy against fatigue and heat exhaustion. Wearing the Horay Cold Therapy Neck Wrap when your body is overheating will help bring your body’s temperature down. The way in which the wrap secures around the neck via the Velcro fastening also provides extra support around the neck to help support tired neck muscles while you recover from heat stress. The wrap also allows you to continue being mobile and doing multiple things at once whilst helping to prevent heat exhaustion.


High Quality Craftmanship
Made from high quality, light weight material that feels comfortable against the skin even during prolonged use.

Easy to Wear
Simply wrap the brace around your neck and fix it with Velcro strap. It can also be worn while resting.


How to Use

  1. Freeze cooling packs in a freezer for at least 12 hours
  2. Insert cooling packs into the neck wrap
  3. Wrap around the neck from the chin along the lymph glands with the notched side down.


Corresponding Size
Neck Circumference: up to 18.9 in. (48cm)



  • Length x Width x Thickness (with Cooling Packs inserted) = 3.94 in. (10cm) x 19.69 in. (50cm) x 1.38 in. (3.5cm)
  • Weight: 8.82 oz. (250g) = Neck Wrap1.76 oz. (50g), Cooling Pack 3.53 oz. (100g) /pc x 2