Our Innovative Cooling Technology


What makes our cooling products stand out from the rest?

 Our cooling products are made from the highest quality materials designed to ensure a comfortable fit for long periods

Horay Cooling packs provide superior cooling benefits, ensuring maximum comfort through keeping the body at optimum temperature needed for endurance and productivity. Thanks to the unique combination of natural additives, the cooling temperature of the pack remains stable for longer than the common ice pack.


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 This video will show why our cooling packs are superior than a regular ice pack 



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The thermographic images and graphs below show how a Horay cooling pack performed against a PCM cooling pack.

Comparison test with PCMcooling pack

The thermographic images below show how a Horay cooling pack performed against a other ice pack for cooling vest.


Comparison test with ice cooling pack

The secret behind a Horay Cooling Pack's long-lasting cooling power
A unique blend of natural additives allow our ice packs to deliver an outstanding level of performance in comparison to regular ice packs. 

Horay Cooling Packs consist of a unique blend:
Water + Multiple additives + Water absorptive polymer

Resulting in a stable optimum temperature for long periods

Regular ice packs:
Water + Water absorptive polymer
 Cold retention effect is the same as water or ice

Duration of cooling periods of Horay Cooling Packs
Our cooling packs stay at consistently cool temperature for 3 to 4 hours in over 35°C(95°F) heat.
 (The duration of cooling varies with usage environment)